Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Guide: Locations for Pichu, Ditto, Rockruff, Noibat, Inkay and other useful Pokemon (2022)

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by RPG Site Staff on 20 November, 2017

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon do what many of the Pokemon remakes have done, significantly changing the make-up of the game by shuffling around the locations where Pokemon are available. Much of its local Alola Region Pokedex is intact - but a lot has changed, too.

Included is the greatest hits package of all Pokemon generations that we got in the original Sun & Moon releases along with some new faces and some reshuffled locations. This canbe a little overwhelming in the earlygame, so we've put together this page to help.

This page has a few of the Pokemon that we think any budding Pokemon Master and Island Challenge Champion should be interested in. These are Pokemon you can catch early that'll still serve you well all game including Rockruff, Pichu, Ditto and others. We haven't inclued in this guide, but we've got a separate page for that.Here's where to find these critters:

Where to catchRockruff on Route 1 and Ten Carat Hill in Ultra Sun & Moon to evolve to a Lycanroc

  • Rock puppyRockruff's is found on both Route 1 and Ten Carat Hill in both Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Both are on Melemele Island.
  • On Route 1, Rockruff have a rarity rating of20%. It'll be between level 11 and 14. They tend to appear on the segmented bit of grass to the south of where the route curves around.
  • InTen Carat Hill's Farthest Hollow areayou'll find Rockruff between level 11 and 14. Its rarity in the area is20%.
  • Depending on the game, it'll evolve into one of two versions ofLycanroc at level 25. There's also a special Event Rockruff that can evolve into a third form, Dusk form Lycanroc.

Where to catchGrubbin and Charjabug to get a Vikavolt

  • Grubbincan be caught in both games on Route 1, Route 4, Route 5,Route 6 and finally on Blush Mountain. Grubbin is much better than your average early-game bug-type Pokemon.
  • The chance it'll show up and levels are as follows:
    • Route 1: 15% rarity, Level 2-3
    • Route 4: 10% rarity, Level 11-14
    • Route 5: 20% rarity, Level 13-16
    • Route 5: 20% rarity, Level 13-21
    • Route 6: 10% rarity, Level 14-17
    • Blush Mountain (Moon Only): SOS Only, Level 29-32.
  • It evolves intoCharjabug, which otherwise can only be caught in one place.
  • Charjabugcan be caught on Blush Mountain in both games.It evolves intoVikavolt, which is also very rare in the wild.

Where to catch Buneary in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon to get a Lopunny

  • Bunny-like Buneary has a strong evolution path that leads to Lopunny and its mega evolution Mega Lopunny, so it's a strong early-game catch.
  • Lopunny is a rare early-game catch in Route 1.
  • With 10% rarity, they're extremely hard to find here. If you find one,it'll show up at level 2-3. It likes the patches of grass to the top-right of the route, along the coastline.
  • In order to evolve your Buneary, maximize its happiness through Pokemon Refresh, bean feeding and madasalafeeding. Once fully affectionate to you, it'll will evolve when younext level up.

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Where to catch Inkay in Ultra Sun & Moon to evolve a Malamar

  • This Dark and Psychic type Pokemon is available early, but then not again for a long time.
  • In the early game you'll find Inkay onRoute 1.With a rarity rating of 30% they're more common than most rare Pokemon. It'll be betwen level 4 and 7.
  • It won't appear again until the Ancient Poni Path, Poni Gauntlet and Poni Wilds, at which point they'll be between level 41 and 61.

Where to catch Noibat in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Noibat is a cool Bat-type Pokemon that evolves into the brilliant Noivern. In Ultra Sun & Moon it's found in only one place, the Verdant Cavern, the trial site.
  • Inside the Verdant Cavern you'll be able to find them day or night. They have a rarity rating of 30% making them relatively frequent but still rare spawns, and they'll be between level 8 and 11. You couldn't catch this Pokemon in regular Sun & Moon at all.

Where to catch Mawile in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Steel and Fairy-type is an interesting mix for Pokemon, and that's the type of the unique-looking Mawile, who can now be caught in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
  • Mawile is found inTen Carat Hillearly in the game, and will be between level 11 and 14.
  • Mawile doesn't have a regular evolution but has a powerful mega evolution that's well worth your time.

Where to catch Fomantis to evolve it into Lurantis in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • New grass-type Pokemon Fomantis can be found on Route 5 and in the Lush Jungle area - the jungle area where you do some hunter-gathering for a trial.
    • In Route 5 they'll be between Level 13 and 21.
    • In Lush Jungle they'll be between level 19 and 22.
  • Fomantis evolves into Lurantis when leveled up beyond level 34 in the daytime, and Lurantis is pretty good.

Where to catch Abra in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Abra is an old-school Pokemon classic that of course evolves into Kadabra and Alakazam, and it's one of the earliest psychic-types you can get access to.
  • Abra is found onRoute 2, where they run from level 6 to level 9.
  • They're also available in the patches of grass inHau'oli City's Shopping District- again from level 6 to 9.

Where to catch Zorua in Ultra Sun & Moon to evolve to Zoroark

  • Zorua is a great all-Dark type Pokemon available early in Ultra Sun & Moon - and it's all new for these versions of the game.
  • Zorua is found onRoute 1 in the grass of the Trainer School. It'll be between levels 5 and 8.
  • Zoroark is available to be caught in the wild, but not until much later in the game in Poni Grove.

Where to catch Makuhita in Ultra Sun & Moon to get a Hariyama

  • Baby sumo-like Makuhita and its full-blown sumo evolution Hariyama are both great fighting-type creates available early on - available on Melemele Island at low levels.
  • You can find Makuhita onRoute 2where they'll range from level 6 to 11. Keep an eye out for shaking grass, as they're more likely in those patches.

Where to catch Pichu in Ultra Sun & Moon to geta Pikachu or Alolan Raichu

  • The most reliable way you can get a Pikachu in Ultra Sun & Moon is to catch a Pichu and then evolve it. This is also the best route to the Alolan Raichu and its super-cool psychic surfing powers.
  • In Ultra Sun & Moon Pichu spawn in only one place - Route 1. They spawn in the grass patches to the top-right of Route 1, where the cliff edge overlooks the ocean.
  • With a rarity rating of 5%, this Pokemon is extremely difficult to find. They'll be level 2 or 3, and canspawn day or night.
  • If the Pichu calls an SOS, there's also a 5% ratiy Pikachu that can come to its aid.
  • In order to evolve your Pichu, maximize its happiness through Pokemon Refresh, bean feeding and madasalafeeding. Once fully affectionate to you, Pichu will evolve on the next level up.
  • To evolve Pikachu into Alolan Raichu, expose it to a thunder stone. Done!

Where to catch Furfrou in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Furfrou is another cool dog-like Pokemon, this time with a Poodle theme. It can be caught in a few locations in Ultra Sun & Moon, some of them quite early on...
  • On Route 2, there's a 10% rarity for Furfrou. It'll appear at level 6-9. Search in the patches of grass to the south of the route, left of the graveyard.
  • In Hau'oli City's Shopping Districtit can be found in some of the grass patches outside the buildings. It'll again be level 6-9, and here it has a between 10%and 20% rarity rating.
  • Much later in the game they'll appear in thePoni Wildsand Ancient Poni Pathbetween level 41 and 44.

Where to catch Growlithe in Ultra Sun & Moon

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  • Classic fire-dog Growlithe is found on Route 2 in both Ultra Sun and UltraMoon, though it has a low-ish encounter rate - keep trying.
  • OnRoute 2there's a 20% rarity forGrowlithe, and they'll likely be between level 7 and 10.
  • With a fire stone, it can evolve into the powerful Arcanine.

here to catchCutiefly in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Bug and fairy-typeCutieflycan be caught on Route,Route 3and at Melemele Meadow.
  • On Route 2 they'll be between level 7 and 10 and have a 30% rarity stat, making them decently common.
  • On Route 3, they'll have a 30% rarity again andappearat level 9-12.
  • In Melemele Meadow they have a lower rarity stat of20%and will be level 10-12.
  • We quite like thisPokemon since it evolves into the fairly decentRibombee, a Pokemon that doesn't show up naturally until much later in the game.

Where to catchMudbrayin Ultra Sun & Moon

  • The cute and donkey-lookin' Mudbrayappears on Route 4, Route 6, Route 13and predictably also atPaniolaRanch.
    • On Route 4, there's a 20% rarity for a level 11-14 Mudbray.
    • On Route 6 the levels grow to level 14-17, but the rarity rate of 20% stays the same.
    • At Paniola Ranch there's a 40% rarity, making them actually quite common!
    • On Route 12 they're much higher levels - level 29 to 32, and are 30% rare.
  • It evolves intoMudsdale, which otherwise only appears in one place - the late-game Poni Plains.

Where to catchPikipek in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • A little like Grubbin and Charjabug, we think Pikipekis one of the finest early-game Pokemon of its type in the series, a solid early-game bird you might choose to keep with you for much longer as it grows and evolves.
  • Pikipekcan be caught in the wild in both Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon on Route 1,Route 4,Route 5 and Route 6.
  • Pikipekevolves intoTrumbeak, which can alternatively be caught in the wild on Route 6, Route 8, Route 11,PoniGrove andPoniWilds.
  • Trumbeakevolves intoToucannon, which is a particularly awesome-looking Pokemon that is found in the wild on Route 11, Poni Grove and the Poni Wilds.

Where to catchDewpider to get an Araquanid in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Bulbous water and bug typeDewpidercan be found inBrooklettHillin the daytime - this is true of both games.
  • It evolves intoAraquanid, which can otherwise only be caught in the Malie Garden area in the daytime.

Where to catchSalandit in Ultra Sun & Moon

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  • Lizard-like fire and poison-type PokemonSalanditcan be caught in three locations in Ultra Sun & Moon: Route 8, the Lush Jungle Cave and also in the Wela Volcano Park.
  • Only the femaleSalanditcan also evolve. It evolvesintoSalazzle- a Pokemon that otherwise isn't found in the wild. Salazzle are rare, since only 12% of Salandit are female.
  • OnRoute 8there's a 15% rarity for Salanditat level 17-20.
  • In the Wela Volcano Park level 16-19 Salandit have a 30% rarity.
  • In the Lush Jungle Cave there's a 30% rarity for an appearanceat level 41-44.

Where to catch Ditto for Pokemon Breeding in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Ditto is an old regular in Pokemon, but it's also an extremely useful Pokemonthanks to its ability to transform, Because of this, you can breed it with any other Pokemon that can breed for mating purposes.
  • All you have to do is drop Ditto and one other Pokemon off at the Paniola Ranch's Pokemon daycare... the resultant egg will be of your other Pokemon's type.
  • Ditto is only found in one location in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, Mount Hokulani. That's on Ula'ula island with the Observatory at the top of the mountain and route 10 at the bottom. Ditto only has a 10% chance of appearing, so keep trying!

Where to catch Stufful or Bewear in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • The all-new cute but deadly bear-like PokemonBewear is actually a Pokemon that doesn't show up until extremely late in the game in a natural form you can catch out in the wild.You can, however, catch its pre-evolution, Stufful, earlier on.
  • To catch aStufful, you'll want to head to Route 8where you'll find them from Level 17-20 - though they are very rare. They're slightly more common in theAkala Outskirtswhere they run level 21 to 24.
  • The only place to catch aBewearis in the Poni Gauntlet area late in the game - and they'll come in at a hefty level 58-61. It's easier to catch a Stufful and evolve it, honestly.

How to get Alolan Marowak in Ultra Sun & Moon

  • Marowak is of course a favourite Pokemon from the very first generation of Pokemon, but in Pokemon Sun & Moon it gets an all new form: Alolan Marowak. It can't be naturally caught - so to get it, you're going to want to catch a Cubone.
  • Cubonecan be found in the Wela Volcano Park's lower area. It'll be between Level 16 and 19.
  • In order to get Marowak, you'll want to level up Cubone to Level 28. When you do, the time of day will determine what Marowak you get: a daytime evolution will give you regular Marowak, while a nightime evolution will get you Alolan Marowak.

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