How did the Spanish and the French treatment of the Native population differ? [Solved] (2022)

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How did the Spanish and French differ in their treatment?

The French were dependent on the fur trade, while the Spanish were dependent on the sugar trade. The Spanish built relationships with American Indians, while the French forced their culture onto them.... read more ›

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How did the Spanish and French treat the natives?

They respected Native territories, their ways, and treated them as the human beings they were. The Natives, in turn, treated the French as trusted friends. More intermarriages took place between French settlers and Native Americans than with any other European group.... continue reading ›

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How did the Spanish treat the natives?

The Spanish attitude toward the Indians was that they saw themselves as guardians of the Indians basic rights. The Spanish goal was for the peaceful submission of the Indians. The laws of Spain controlled the conduct of soldiers during wars, even when the tribes were hostile.... see more ›

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How did the French treat the Native Indians?

France saw Indigenous nations as allies, and relied on them for survival and fur trade wealth. Indigenous people traded for European goods, established military alliances and hostilities, intermarried, sometimes converted to Christianity, and participated politically in the governance of New France.... see more ›

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What is the difference between Spanish and French?

The big difference is where the languages are spoken. Spanish is spoken in Spain, of course, but also in Mexico and Central and South America. French is spoken in France, Canada, and Luxembourg (amongst others), but also in much of Africa, plus Haiti and Lebanon.... view details ›

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What were the differences between Spanish and French colonization?

The economies of Spanish and French colonies differed from one another, considering their geography. For example, the Spanish established colonies in the south, while the French mainly established colonies near present-day Canada.... read more ›

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Why were the Spanish so successful in defeating the natives?

The Spanish were able to defeat the Aztec and the Inca not only because they had horses, dogs, guns, and swords, but also because they brought with them germs that made many native Americans sick. Diseases like smallpox and measles were unknown among the natives; therefore, they had no immunity to them.... see more ›

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How did the French treat the natives quizlet?

How did the French treat the Native Americans ? They respected Native American ways . Often they married Native American women . French were fur traders and trappers , they did not clear the land to build permanent settlements .... read more ›

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How did the French attitude toward Native Americans differ from that found in the Spanish colonies?

How did the French attitude toward Native Americans differ from that found in the Spanish colonies? The French treated the Native Americans with respect, learned their languages, and lived among them. The Spanish often enslaved or killed the Native Americans and took their wealth.... see details ›

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How did the Spanish treat the natives in the Philippines?

Under Spanish rule, the indigenous families had to cultivate, not only enough food and crops for their own sustenance, but also great portions which they were forced to hand over to the warlords. Euphemistically, the Spanish called these forced portions "tributes".... view details ›

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What were some of the differences and similarities between French Spanish and English colonization?

France and Spain, for instance, were governed by autocratic sovereigns whose rule was absolute; their colonists went to America as servants of the Crown. The English colonists, on the other hand, enjoyed far more freedom and were able to govern themselves as long as they followed English law and were loyal to the king.... continue reading ›

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What did the Spanish do to the natives in Mexico?

At first, Spaniards destroyed Mexican culture(civilizations, heritage buildings). They slaughtered many natives and took lots of resources, such as silver and gold from Mexico, however, they never gave anything in return. Spain made Encomienda system and enslaved natives.... see more ›

How did the Spanish and the French treatment of the Native population differ? [Solved] (2022)

Did the French ever fight the natives?

At the start of the war, the French colonies had a population of roughly 60,000 settlers, compared with 2 million in the British colonies. The outnumbered French particularly depended on their native allies.
French and Indian War.
Date28 May 1754 – 10 February 1763
LocationNorth America
ResultBritish victory Treaty of Paris (1763)
1 more row
... see more ›

Why did Native Americans and French settlers have to deal with each other on equal terms?

French settlers were not able to dominate their exchanges with the Indians of the Pays d′en Haut in the way the English and Spanish were able to overrun the Indian populations they encountered. French fur-trappers and traders were forced to deal with the Indians on equal terms.... view details ›

Why did the natives fight with the French?

The American Indians were fighting to maintain control of their land and their cultural future. The French claimed the Upper Ohio River Valley. They wanted to trade with the American Indians and control the area.... read more ›

How much difference is there between Spanish and French?

For Spanish and French, their lexical similarity is about 75%. In comparison, Spanish and English have a lexical similarity of only 30-50%, and French and English of only 40-50%. That's because not only are the Spanish and French languages neighbors, but from the same family of romance languages.... view details ›

Why are French and Spanish so different?

Spanish and French are similar in syntax and close in vocabulary due to their latin origin, but they are very different in sound because standard French has a celtic substrat and a germanic superstrat.... read more ›

What is the hardest language to learn?

As mentioned before, Mandarin is unanimously considered the most difficult language to master in the world! Spoken by over a billion people in the world, the language can be extremely difficult for people whose native languages use the Latin writing system.... read more ›

Were the French or Spanish colonies more successful why?

Both the French and Spanish had successful colonies, but the Spanish colonies were longer lasting, had more people, produced more wealth, and left a longer cultural impact in the region after the colonizing power had gone.... see details ›

What was different about French and Spanish slavery in the colony of Louisiana?

The main differences between the French and Spanish laws were that the Spanish continued coartación which allowed slaves to purchase their freedom, supported the forced sale of slaves from cruel masters, allowed masters to free slaves if they so chose, and did not reenslave free blacks.... continue reading ›

How did Spanish colonies differ from French and English colonies quizlet?

How did English colonists differ from Spanish or French colonists? Spanish and French colonist were olny going to the americas for fur trads,gold and silver. England went there to get religious freedom and land.... view details ›

How was the Spanish treatment of the natives different from the French treatment of the natives in North America?

Answer and Explanation: French colonists often engaged in cooperative relationships with Native Americans, while their Spanish counterparts seemed more interested in controlling and enslaving large groups of Native Americans.... continue reading ›

How did the French and Spanish differ in their approach to the new world?

While the Spanish were focused much more on conquest and converting indigenous peoples to Christianity, the French more interested in creating trading outposts without large-scale settlement and conquest. Their different approaches had a lot to do with where each group explored and what they found there.... read more ›

How did French and Dutch settlements differ from the Spanish settlements?

The Dutch allowed the most religious freedoms; they didn't try to convert native peoples to Christianity, and they allowed Jewish immigrants to join their colony. French Jesuit missionaries tried to convert Indians to Catholicism, but with much more acceptance of their differences than Spanish missionaries.... see details ›

What was one difference between the Spanish and the Native Americans?

One major difference between Europeans and Native Americans was in their ideas about land ownership. To Europeans, land was owned by individuals and passed down through families. They had the right to fence off a plot of land and prevent trespassing.... continue reading ›

What are the differences between the French and Latin American revolutions?

While the French Revolution produced changes within the borders of France, the Latin American Wars of Independence established independent countries throughout large portions of South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile.... see details ›

What a difference between Spanish and French settlers in North America was that?

Spanish settlers tried to assimilate American Indians, while French settlers learned their customs.... see details ›

What's more difficult Spanish or French?

Learning Spanish or French

All in all, neither language is definitively more or less difficult than the other. Spanish is arguably somewhat easier for the first year or so of learning, in large part because beginners may struggle less with pronunciation than their French-studying colleagues.... see details ›

What is the easiest language to learn?

15 of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers - ranked
  • Frisian. Frisian is thought to be one of the languages most closely related to English, and therefore also the easiest for English-speakers to pick up. ...
  • Dutch. ...
  • Norwegian. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • Portuguese. ...
  • Italian. ...
  • French. ...
  • Swedish.
24 Oct 2021

What better Spanish or French?

After all, learning a language you love is the best way to remain motivated and achieve a higher language competency level. Compared to Spanish in general terms, French has a higher appeal, known as the language of love and class. There are many books in history, architecture, and arts that are written only in French.... continue reading ›

What was a major difference between the Spanish Encomienda?

What was a major difference between the Spanish encomienda system and the Spanish caste system in the Americas? The encomienda system was based on using Native Americans for forced labor, while the caste system was based on a diverse and racially mixed population.... continue reading ›

What differences are seen among Spanish French and Dutch?

What differences are seen among Spanish, French, and Dutch settlement patterns in the Americas? Spanish sent lots of conquistadors, while France mostly sent merchants before a few settlers. The Dutch also sent many fur traders and few settlers.... see details ›

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